Sunday, 28 March 2010

Considering the Environment in Marketing

Environmental Marketing and Promotions

There is no doubt that many companies have been jumping on the Eco ‘bandwagon’ when it comes to promoting their products. I guess the question is ‘how eco are they really?’.

Many companies find a potential eco side to their products and promote based on this alone. However real success can only come from promotion based on something that is ‘untouchable’ when it comes to scrutiny, or your customers/clients are left disillusioned and cheated.

I prefer the creation of marketing materials to come from information about the integrity of the company itself. This creates something far better than a ‘made-up’ marketing concept of the company and its products. It creates something unquestionably ‘real’ and something that the company can use in their marketing and business strategy for years to come because it is inherent in their make-up, rather than something that is overlaid on an existing environment.

Look for your USPs and promote them. Every organisation has something remarkable about them, their owners or their products and this draws people in because you are communicating from the heart.

Take an overview on your existing environmental impact strategy and make sure that if you say you source locally on your literature, that your local supplier is sourcing locally too, or what is the point? This applies on a larger scale too.